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Re: help

At 03:43 PM 12/16/97 -0600, Sean Edwards wrote:
>There is a method to post message threads to a web page through e-mail.
>The program is NetForum, and it is FREEWARE.  I do not remember the
>link, but there is a link from windows95.com to the home page.  Look in
>the authoring and programming section, and then look in the automatic html
>section.  If you do not see NetForum, look at the NetResources utility,
>click on the link to the homepage, and from there you can download from
>there.  Or, just search for NetResources at windows95.com, and follow the
>home page link.

Hmm, just checked it out.  It appears that the program runs off a POP3
account, and then have someone keep running the NetForum program.  And the
program only runs on Win95 / NT. Then it uploads a HTML through FTP.

I'm not sure that will work.  I'm hoping for something that is a CGI based.
 Something that will work with the webserver.