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Re: help

There is a method to post message threads to a web page through e-mail.
The program is NetForum, and it is FREEWARE.  I do not remember the
link, but there is a link from windows95.com to the home page.  Look in
the authoring and programming section, and then look in the automatic html
section.  If you do not see NetForum, look at the NetResources utility,
click on the link to the homepage, and from there you can download from
there.  Or, just search for NetResources at windows95.com, and follow the
home page link.

On Tue, 16 Dec 1997, Ang-Chih Kao wrote:

> >You should think about subscribing to the users group pi3-users@johnroy.com,
> >I'm going to this this there anyway so it gets passed on and archived.
> About that message board.  It looks like I won't be able to host it.  So
> I'll just upload it to you, when I'm done.  Also, Qualcomm people are not
> friendly to their past Eudora users, so I'm having problems moving my
> mailboxes on Eudora 3 to Eudora 4, which might mean bye bye archive.