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Re: I lost my logs

Phillip Fox schrieb:
> I am not sure how I managed to do it, but my PI3 server has stopped logging
> access and referrers.
> In an attempt to fix the problem myself, I have edited the automatically
> generated config.pi3 (but have not used the enhanced GUI since), and have
> modified the Devel.pi3. I am not sure what could have possibly gone wrong.
> The logs were working, and I moved then into another directory because I was
> using the Analog stats generator. Analog reports that it ...Analysed
> requests from Thu-03-Sep-1998 11:03 to Mon-14-Dec-1998 16:07 (102.2 days).
> yet it only reports hits from september.
> You can view the stats page at http://phill.theworxco.net/stats/
> I must say that I really enjoy this server, regardless of this minor
> problem, and I am always impressed with the help offered by all on the list.
> Thank you,
> Phillip Fox => Webmaster@TheWorxCo.net <- phill@theworco.net
> www.theworxco.net/  <= work web -+- my web -> phill.theworxco.net/
Hi Phillip,

sorry I cannot access your web server from here (both addresses).
I can do ping and DNS but it seems there isn't a http server (visible)
on www.theworxco.net/phill.theworxco.net.

However, the changes you made in the configuration can't be the reason
of wrong reports by your statistics tool.

(Btw.: You've only to change that configuration file what is used
by Pi3Web on startup. Sometimes you've to make changes in config by
hand because some options you can't control from GUI. But if you wanna
change options controlled by the GUI too, there are 2 ways:
1. change the last - GUI settings area corresponding to the changes
   in config settings
2. Delete GUI config file section - like features.pi3 - then GUI won't
   startup anymore)

I would down the server and look into the server logfile. You should
see if there's something wrong with it.

If you like you can download a logfile analyzer from my homepage -
http://home.t-online.de/home/zimpel/pi3stat.zip. It is a perl script.
For setup read the readme file. The host statisitics for analysis of
virtual hosts is still under construction.


with regards

Holger 'Zimpel' Zimmermann    Contact me:
Wendishain                    tel./fax company: on demand
Germany                       tel./fax private: on demand
homepage: http://home.t-online.de/home/zimpel/
web server: surf to it from my homepage (online every
            Sunday 20:00-24:00 GMT, start shifted again)
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