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I lost my logs

I am not sure how I managed to do it, but my PI3 server has stopped logging
access and referrers.

In an attempt to fix the problem myself, I have edited the automatically
generated config.pi3 (but have not used the enhanced GUI since), and have
modified the Devel.pi3. I am not sure what could have possibly gone wrong.

The logs were working, and I moved then into another directory because I was
using the Analog stats generator. Analog reports that it ...Analysed
requests from Thu-03-Sep-1998 11:03 to Mon-14-Dec-1998 16:07 (102.2 days).
yet it only reports hits from september.

You can view the stats page at http://phill.theworxco.net/stats/

I must say that I really enjoy this server, regardless of this minor
problem, and I am always impressed with the help offered by all on the list.

Thank you,

Phillip Fox => Webmaster@TheWorxCo.net <- phill@theworco.net
www.theworxco.net/  <= work web -+- my web -> phill.theworxco.net/