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Re: logging virtual domains

Mary E. Anderson schrieb:
> I want to set up log files for different domains to different files. Can
> someone please tell me how this is done. I'm pretty new at working with
> CGI programs. Also if anyone knows of a good freeware on web statistics
> they want to recomend, it would be appreciated. Thank you.
> Mary

Hi Mary,

try the following:
- open /Pi3Web/Config.Pi3 for edit
- look for
   Log AccessLogger File="Logs\Access.txt"
- replace by i.e.
   Log Condition="&cmpi($v,localhost)" AccessLogger File="Logs\localhost.txt" 
   Log Condition="&cmpi($v,todo)" AccessLogger File="Logs\todo.txt" 
- save config file
- restart server

On Linux there's a good web statistics based on access logging called
'Webalizer'. I also made 2 Perl-CGI tools for both page hit based and
logfile statistics. You can find it on my homepage. 
with regards

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