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Re: Fast CGI

Peter Revesz schrieb:
> Someone please tell me what is FastCGI  ?
>     Peter
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Hi Peter,

FastCGI is a web server interface derivated from the CGI (Common Gateway 
Interface). It is designed for usage with a FastCGI application server,
where your CGI application is preloaded and ready to run when the web
server connects the FastCGI application. The advantage is to avoid the
load overhead (i.e. database connection) of your CGI program. Web servers
need a TCP-IP based interface for FastCGI. For detailed information
look at http://www.fastcgi.com/kit/doc/fastcgi-whitepaper/fastcgi.htm

But in my opinion FastCGI isn't a advisable starting point if you're
beginning with CGI programs. It is good for a production web server to
speed up CGI functionality.

with regards

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