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Re: .shtml fun


I thought there was an option in the Server config thingy.  Oh well, if
there isn't, find the config.pi3 and look for the line 
	CheckPath DirectoryExists IndexFile="index.ssi" IndexFile="index.html"
IndexFile="index.htm" IndexFile="default.ssi" IndexFile="default.htm"

All you do is add another IndexFile="index.shtml" at the endd or wherever
you want it.
Save, and restart Pi3.

At 11:25 PM 12/8/98 -0800, Dan Walker wrote:
>Hello, pi3-ers. The joy of SSI has captured me, but I need a little 
>help. :)
>Basically, I've changed all of my extensions to .shtml, which means that 
>anyone trying to come up with any index.html files gets my directory 
>listing instead. How do I make pi3 direct anyone looking for index.html, 
>when it's not found, go on to index.shtml?
>Thanks in advance... and please, don't lay too much tech speak on me. 
>I'm still new at this stuff. :p
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