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Re: .shtml fun

Dan Walker schrieb:
> Hello, pi3-ers. The joy of SSI has captured me, but I need a little
> help. :)
> Basically, I've changed all of my extensions to .shtml, which means that
> anyone trying to come up with any index.html files gets my directory
> listing instead. How do I make pi3 direct anyone looking for index.html,
> when it's not found, go on to index.shtml?

Hi Dan,
- Open /Pi3Web&Conf/Config.Pi3 with an editor
- look for line 'CheckPath DirectoryExists IndexFile="index.html" ...'
- Add your default index file name (the order of the separate   IndexFile=
entries is the search order of Pi3Web).
- Save Config.Pi3
- Restart server

It should work at once. A hint: change only file extensions of files
that really contain SSI code into .shtml or .ssi. The reason? All SSI
files are extra parsed for SSI-statements. It could slow down the
server otherwise.

> Thanks in advance... and please, don't lay too much tech speak on me.
> I'm still new at this stuff. :p
> Dan
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with regards

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