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Re: Pi3 / Perl

   I'm sorry, but my system went down, and I can't get to my 
subscription information.  Please remove me from the list.  
   All luck, blessings, and fortune to you- I think your product and 
approach are wonderful!
   pETER a. lIST

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Subject:        	Pi3 / Perl
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> Hola,
> I recently got Perl ISAPI to work with Pi3.  (Not a whole lot of brain.)
> The weird thing is that it seems the content-type is automatically set to
> html.  I mean, I have it echo "Content-Type: text/html".  Instead of being
> processed by Pi3, it shows up on the web browser.  Why is this?
> Second thing, is that I've been looking at Website Professional (by
> Orielly).  It's GUI interface looks very similiar to Pi3's but offers much
> more functionality in some areas, especially authentication and directory
> listing control..  And it also implements, the user / realm thing similiar
> to how you wanted it, Holger.  So, it might serve as a good source of ideas.  
> If you need it, I can e-mail you (or put on my web server) the 30 day
> evaluation copy.  
> Au revoir,