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For all those who used my name w/spaces fix!


I finally figured out why my "Parent Directory" thing wasn't working.  The
reason is that the original config.pi3 didn't work with file names with
spaces, is because it replaced spaces with "+".  What this caused, was that
directory names were also placed in the link for Parent Directory.  The
work around is to do this:


The modificiation to my original fix, is the second line.  Here, it tells
it Pi3 to use the regular name, if the thing it's displaying is a path.
But what this leaves open is the original problem, but this time for
directories instead.

So, no matter how you look it, something has to give.  Either your "Parent
Directory" doesn't work.  Or you can't have directories with spaces.  Go
with what you want.  Hopefully, John will fix this in the next release.

Back to studying for my mid-terms!!!

P.S.  And if I do get done studying before 2 am, I'll try to rewrite my
fix, so that it works with everything.  This of course depends on the
assumption that the Pi3 expressions work as documented.

At 09:03 PM 11/16/98 +0100, Holger Zimmermann wrote:
>Ang-Chih Kao schrieb:
>> Hi,
>> I think I've found a bug.  The bug is best demonstrated, if you remove
>> index.ssi, and index.htm from the WebRoot directory.  When in directory
>> listings, you get the "Parent Directory".  Logically, there should be no
>> Parent Directory, or if there is, it should be itself.  Yet, when you click
>					^^
>	So Pi3Web does it here. There isn't the above problem on my machine
>	running Pi3Web 1.03.
>> on it, it tries to go the "Pi3Web" directory.  Which obviously doesn't
>> exist.  And in the end, it returns a 404 error.  Is there a workaround to
>> this?
>> Later.