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Pi3 / Perl


I recently got Perl ISAPI to work with Pi3.  (Not a whole lot of brain.)
The weird thing is that it seems the content-type is automatically set to
html.  I mean, I have it echo "Content-Type: text/html".  Instead of being
processed by Pi3, it shows up on the web browser.  Why is this?

Second thing, is that I've been looking at Website Professional (by
Orielly).  It's GUI interface looks very similiar to Pi3's but offers much
more functionality in some areas, especially authentication and directory
listing control..  And it also implements, the user / realm thing similiar
to how you wanted it, Holger.  So, it might serve as a good source of ideas.  

If you need it, I can e-mail you (or put on my web server) the 30 day
evaluation copy.  

Au revoir,