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Re: Running CGI script as a different User?

>I believe this is an interesting question and points to one
>feature that may have been missed (perhaps..), some webserver take
>security a step further and actually change the effective user of the
>webserver thread based on the URL, so johns scripts are always
>executed with johns access etc. This works real well on UNIX, not
>so clearly on NT, not at all on w95, and not supported by Pi3Web. 
>Though I do think this would be a valuable addition.

Hi John,

I'm glad you agree on this.

I've taken a look at O'Reilly's Website Pro - they have this feature.  But
the price @ $795 is not very appealing as this is the only feature I need

Apparently, they can execute the CGI with a different user rights (so I
just assign certain file & directory permissions to this particular user)
in order to restrict the CGI.

So, apparently, this can be done on Windows NT since Website Pro runs on NT.

Will it be difficult to implement this feature in the near future?