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Help requested for reload error

I have sucessfully ported Pi3 to the ChorusOS RTOS.
It mainly works and I can display HTML document.
But I still have a problem with the netscape
"reload" button. Each time I get an error 
"document contained no data".

I have traced the execution path and found the following :

ConditionalGet::Handle returns an error because the file
did not change as chown by the code fragment below :

		/* ---
		OK, no modification, issue an internal redirect with status 304
		--- */
		return HTTPUtil_doHTTPError( &tPIHTTP, ST_NOTMODIFIED );

The result is that in

int HTTPCore_dispatch()

iRet = Internal_ExecutePhase( pPIHTTP, pSG->lHandlers );


iRet is returned with INT_REDIRECT as the return value.
as iPhase = 7, I restart the code several time ..

				if ( iPhase<=PH_HANDLE && iNumRedirects<=MAX_REDIRECTS )
					iStartPhase = PH_MAPPING;
					goto again;
				return PIAPI_ERROR

Up to when iNumRedirects = MAX_REDIRECTS and then I return an error.
wich finish by calling ::shutdown to the socket and lead to
the message.

Any hint as I'm not at all an HTTP protocol expert.

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