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Re: 16bit

Jos Vanlanduyt schrieb:
> Back about 16bit applications:
> i took the hello.c and compiled it with MS C 7 which results in a 16bit
> app: hello_c16.exe. I did the same using Visual C++ version 4 which gave me
> a 32 bit app: hello_c32.exe. The 32-bit application runs without a problem,
> but the 16bit results in a time-out, as if the output isn't returned to the
> webserver.
> Anyone an idea how to track.

the interface between the server and the cgi application is 32bit, I think
you cannot run 16 bit applications with it.
Is there a chance to do the same what you've done with the CGI example but
reverse? I mean to compile your application 32bit, if the program is free
and the source code is available.
Windows has the thunk compiler to build interfaces between any 16bit and
32bit DLL's. I don't believe that thunking works here 'cause you need an
interface with an application not with a dynamic library.
But however, I can see a lot of problems since the Pi3Web CGI class uses
Windows process and thread mechanisms (i.e. wait for the end of the process
created by the CGI program) and this doesn't work with 16bit programs, sorry.

> PS: I'm using win NT

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