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Re: Pi3 and the works (fwd)

For your TCP/IP problems, check http://www.winfiles.com.  For your Novell
clients viewing pages, look into Novell Boarder Manager and the Web Page
Caching features.  FTP Software also has a caching server for NetWare you
may want to look into.  Your NetWare 4.11 Intranetware software should
contain a lot of the tools you need: FTP server for NetWare, Telnet server
(no more rspx), web server (sorry john), DNS server, and other useful
tools.  A couple of other packages to investigate are VSOCKS, a freeware
firewall/proxy server (available from winfiles.com) and Pegasus/Mercury
Mail.  Pegasus is the client portion which works well with POP3/SMTP,
Mercury is the Mail Server which is available for 95/NT OR as NetWare
.NLM's.  With Pegasus and Mercury you can have a freeware messaging
solution which integrates well and painlessly with NDS.

Sean Edwards

On Mon, 14 Sep 1998, John P Roy wrote:

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> Users,
> I have Windows 95 and NT version 3.51, Is there a program that can 
> change my localhost ip address of to something else and still 
> run locally, and maybe run with the internet.
> Plus, have a standalone DNS entry that is not ran my another internet 
> site, but a program that will run on my computer (and will I have to be 
> connected to the internet for it to work). Is it called BIND and DNS. I 
> can accept attachments of any size.
> PS - Is there a novell server program that can allow my internet pages 
> to be seen from any workstation running the novell client even if they 
> are stored on the server, not running the internet, to open my pages, 
> either typing a ip address or DNS address?
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