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Pi3 and the works (fwd)

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Subject: Pi3 and the works
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Date: Mon, 14 Sep 1998 08:18:20 PDT

I have Windows 95 and NT version 3.51, Is there a program that can 
change my localhost ip address of to something else and still 
run locally, and maybe run with the internet.
Plus, have a standalone DNS entry that is not ran my another internet 
site, but a program that will run on my computer (and will I have to be 
connected to the internet for it to work). Is it called BIND and DNS. I 
can accept attachments of any size.

PS - Is there a novell server program that can allow my internet pages 
to be seen from any workstation running the novell client even if they 
are stored on the server, not running the internet, to open my pages, 
either typing a ip address or DNS address?

Novell Server (WEB Page Server)--Workstation
                               --My computer

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