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PERL Prob?

I am writing a perl CGI script right now that's fairly complicated, however,
after adding my latest subroutine, I'm getting the empty document error -
the script isn't returning anything. It's probably an error in my
programming but, for the sake of debugging, I have placed extra print
statements around the code, to see whe it is stopping, and this is the kind
of construct that it's stopping at:

print "debug1";
if (condition) {
    print "debug2";
    CODE ....
} else {
    print "debug3";
    print "debug4";

and only debug 1 is printing! I'm not using pi3PERL, but the ActiveWare perl
interpreter and regular CGI. My question is this: is there a timeout that
could be making the server stop waiting for any further replies?

Any possible help is appreciated,
Nathan R Heagy
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