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Pi3Perl CGI-environment emulation

To ease port standard CGI's to Pi3Perl I've made some Perl code to emulate the
standard CGI environment. Here's a short statement how to use it:

use P3PCGI;

sub execute {
    my($obj) = shift;
    my($argc) = shift;
    my($pihttp) = shift;

    # initialize CGI environment

    # print $ENV hash into response
    foreach $key (sort keys %ENV) {
        $response .= sprintf("%s = %s\n", $key, $ENV{$key});

    # append CGI input from buffer or environment to response
    $response .= $ENV{CONTENT_LENGTH} ? $P3PCGI::inbuf : $ENV{QUERY_STRING}; 

Known restrictions
The following $ENV keys are hard coded since I don't know how to get them:


Tried to redirect STDIN to use this handle. Worked good with standard Perl
but with Pi3Perl I got an assertion. Use $P3PCGI::inbuf meanwhile until I
can fix this.

Since I don't wanna spam the mailing list with 3 Perl programs send me
a e-mail to get the stuff. Example program how to iterate through the server
databases also available.

Have fun with it!
(Any response to enhance my Pi3Perl-work is very welcome)


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