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wwwboard and other cgi-script


'cause of the unexpected feedback and some time lags I suggest you to download
the script(s) from my homepage. Wwwboard trial is available right away:


A wwwboard script with frames/no frames, configurable max. 26 subjects, any
threads per subject and up to 1000 messages per thread. Dynamic contents tree.
Still under development, browsing and adding messages works now.

Important! Latest changes to the script installation locations:

+ Changed the default installation directory of the CGI programs from
  \Pi3Demos to \Pi3Cgi (The demo phase is over now).
+ Scripts are now in Pi3CGI\[ProgName]\CGI-BIN.
+ Form templates are now in Pi3CGI\[ProgName]\CGI-BIN\TEMPLATE. 
+ The web statistics program directory STATS is renamed to WEBSTAT. 
+ The example HTML-page for testing is program specific now (i.e.
+ With the new structure you could easier configure virtual hosts for the
  several programs. Ask me how to do this if you want. 

Good night

Holger 'Zimpel' Zimmermann    Contact me:
Wendishain                    tel./fax company: on demand
Germany                       tel./fax private: on demand
homepage: http://home.t-online.de/home/zimpel@t-online.de
web server: surf to it from my homepage (online every
            Sunday 20:00-24:00 GMT, start 1. Jule 1998)
e-Mail:     zimpel@t-online.de