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Another Perl Problem

I have only had pi3web for a few hours, and already it has saved me that
much time in revising an SSI design. But, now I'm trying to get a PERL - CGI
script working, and am having problems (surprise!). From the command line I
can successfully run hello.pl with the command

perl c:\progra~1\pi3web\cgi-bin\hello.pl

but when I use http://localhost/cgi-bin/hello.pl (all the rest of localhost
works, incl SSI) I get this error:

500 Internal Server Error
The server encountered an internal error while processing this request.
The following error messages were logged during this request:

[Sat Jun 06 03:12:16 1998 GMT] CGI: Error reading response headers from CGI
Start of command line is 'perl C:\PROGRAM FILES\PI3WEB\Cgi-Bin\hello.pl '.

Any ideas? I have checked my congif.pi3 and it seems ok, it already has .cgi
configured for perl (that was comming). when I change the extension to .cgi
I get the same error.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Nathan R Heagy
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