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Re: index.shtml

I don't believe it can be accomplished using the GUI administration.
However, if you manually edit the config.pi3, there is a section that
should look like:

	Name Default
	Class FlexibleHandlerClass
	CheckPath DirectoryExists IndexFile="index.ssi" IndexFile="index.html"
IndexFile="index.htm" IndexFile="default.ssi" IndexFile="default.htm"
	CheckPath RefuseFileByMask AllowFileMask="EF" RefuseStatus=404
	CheckPath RefuseFileByMask AllowFileMask="F" RefuseStatus=403
	CheckPath ReturnCode ReturnCode=COMPLETED
	CheckAuth Authenticate
	CheckAccess AccessByFile RequirePermissions="R"

	# Cause a '501 Not Implemented' Message for requests that
	# are not 'GET' or 'HEAD', i.e.
	#	if !( Method=='GET' || Method=='HEAD' ) 
	#	then
	#		set status = 501
	#	endif
	CheckType Condition="&not(&or(&cmpi($m,GET),&cmpi($m,HEAD)))" \
		StatusCode StatusCode="501"
#	CheckType ConditionalGet Flag="RefreshOlderThanServer"
	CheckType ConditionalGet 
	CheckType CheckForDirectory SetType="internal/x-directory"

	# Otherwise: Set the media type based on the file extension
	CheckType MIMETypeByExtension 

	# Return 'COMPLETED' so an internal error will not be raised
	CheckType ReturnCode ReturnCode="COMPLETED"

	# Most requests refer to a file, so put that first 
	# Handle the request by sending a file if
	#	- The Value of ObjectMap in the response DB is ""
	#	AND
	#	- The Media type of the resource does not match internal/* 
	Handle Condition="&and(&not(&dblookup(response,string,ObjectMap)),\
&not(&regexp('internal/*',$c)))" SendFile
	Handle Condition="&cmp($c,internal/x-directory)" TableHTML
	Handle Condition="&cmp($c,internal/x-server-parsed-html)" SendSSI \
		Exec=Yes ExecFileFixup="\n/* exec file="" maps to Standard CGI (Scripts) */\
	Handle Condition="&cmp($c,internal/x-imagemap)" ImageMap
	Handle SendFile
	Log AccessLogger File="Logs\Access.txt" 
	Log ReturnCode ReturnCode=COMPLETED
	Destroy DeleteTemporaryFiles

See that 3rd line with all the nifty 'IndexFile="index.ssi"'?  Just add one
that says 'IndexFile="index.shtml"'.

Not however, that if you run the GUI administration again, the whole of
Config.pi3 will be rewritten, hence this chance will be lost.  So you have
two options: Never use the GUI administartion again.  or remember to do
this change each time.