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Re: Dialup server

The problem with the MS "client" is that it does not support 
routing.  However, you can to proxy server stuff with packet 
forwarding software (like proxy servers, gateways, firewalls, 
etc.)  To send a dial up request throug an MS "client" would 
require routing from the modem (serial port) to route to the 
network.  Even if the server you would like to access is in the 
same physical box, you still have to hit the ip address on the 
nic.  The address you get on dia up is yourself.  You do have 
some options (having tried this my self unsuccessfully, I can 
point you to start where I gave up):

You may get lucky and find a RAS server for 95 or NT client.  
However, this is unlikely.  Check news groups, and also check 
these sites:

ftp search at http://www.dogpile.com/

I have not done the following option myself, but I have seen it 
done.  It is perfectly legal, and there information available on 
the 'Net:

The difference between NT Workstation and NT Server is not 
the License; it is the REGISTRY!  You can edit and modify the 
NT Workstation registry with NT Server parameters and 
create an NT Server.  You can also backup an NT Server 
registry and restore it to an NT Workstation and create an NT 
server that way.  This should enable RAS, or enable to install 
a RAS application.  Please do not try this with production 
equipment!!  I reserve the right to exempt myself from any 
loss of data, income, productivity, or legal claims caused by 
the actions of a known or unknown individual, group, or 
organization, resulting from the actions described above.

Tell me if you find anything.

Good Luck!

Sean Edwards

On 05/21/98 11:20 PM Mike Camino said...
>Is there any that work on windows95 or win nt client?
>sjedward@cityscape.net wrote:
>> You have alot of options:
>> Linux, hosting PPP with a DigiBoard or RocketPort serial
>> octopus
>> SCO or another commercial UNIX with a serial octopus
>> OS/2, hosting PPP or SLIP with a DigiBoard or RocketPort
>> MS Win NT (with RAS), hosting PPP or SLIP with a 
>> or RocketPort
>> (Livingston communication server with external modems (a 
>> of ISP's use this option)
>> Shiva communication server (ie Etherswitch with BRI/PRI.
>> Shiva wrote RAS and DUN for Win 95 and NT)
>> The hardware/software is not the expensive part.  The
>> installation of business rate phone lines, roll-over service, 
>> (888) hosting charges, and other surprises are what eat up
>> your budget from month to month.  With one or two 
modems, it
>> should be relatively painless.
>> Sean Edwards
>> sjedward@cityscape.net
>> On 05/21/98 10:42 PM Mike Camino said...
>> >I have a question. I am trying to find a dialup server 
>> for my server. I
>> >need to support dial in acsess with something like a isp 
>> dialup server. I
>> >don't know alot about dialin servers so if anyone has a
>> simple,easy to
>> >configure  one it will help alot. Thanks
>> >
>> >Mike Camino