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Re: Dialup server

Is there any that work on windows95 or win nt client?

sjedward@cityscape.net wrote:

> You have alot of options:
> Linux, hosting PPP with a DigiBoard or RocketPort serial
> octopus
> SCO or another commercial UNIX with a serial octopus
> OS/2, hosting PPP or SLIP with a DigiBoard or RocketPort
> MS Win NT (with RAS), hosting PPP or SLIP with a DigiBoard
> or RocketPort
> (Livingston communication server with external modems (a lot
> of ISP's use this option)
> Shiva communication server (ie Etherswitch with BRI/PRI.
> Shiva wrote RAS and DUN for Win 95 and NT)
> The hardware/software is not the expensive part.  The
> installation of business rate phone lines, roll-over service, 800
> (888) hosting charges, and other surprises are what eat up
> your budget from month to month.  With one or two modems, it
> should be relatively painless.
> Sean Edwards
> sjedward@cityscape.net
> On 05/21/98 10:42 PM Mike Camino said...
> >I have a question. I am trying to find a dialup server program
> for my server. I
> >need to support dial in acsess with something like a isp login
> dialup server. I
> >don't know alot about dialin servers so if anyone has a
> simple,easy to
> >configure  one it will help alot. Thanks
> >
> >Mike Camino