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[Fwd: SSI exec]

I had the same problem and the receiver of this forwarded
message too. It is a problem with the current version of
Pi3. Try to solve it in the way suggested in the forwarded

with regards

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You're the second person is 1 week to bring up the problem and 
probably the 10th in total. I need to put in some extra things
here. For #exec virtual the file parameter should be treated as an
original URL and parsed accordingly. For #exec file theres more
flexibility perhaps something like

    <!--#exec file="./cgi/counter.exe" QUERY_STRING="main" -->

Where the QUERY_STRING variable is set to "main" for the child
script, just like the script had been accessed by 


This mechanism could be used to set any number of the environment
variables of the child CGI program. Hmmm.

Got any suggestions on standard ways of solving these problems/
how other web servers allow it?

Then I'll try to release a patch or version 1.0.3 or something with
these fixes.


> hi, first of all let me say that i love pi3!  it has enabled me to migrate my
> webserver off of linux and onto my primary winNT server.  I have only hit one
> problem that i cannot seem to get around.  i am attempting to call a counter
> cgi, and i need to pass a filename to that counter so that it knows which
> count
> to return.  for example, if my main page was calling the counter then i
> want to
> call:
>    <!--#exec file="./cgi/counter.exe main" -->
> if it is another page that is being called, say my borland page then i want a
> different count returned, so i would call it with:
>    <!--#exec file="./cgi/counter.exe borland" -->
> how can i pass that filename parameter to my cgi?  i always get ssi error.
> thanks
> chad boles
> chad@whirlwind.net