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perl and SSI

I'm using a small perl script as an SSI
I can't seem to pass the script a parameter.
<!--#exec virtual="/cgi/upd.pl" --> works, but
<!--#exec virtual="/cgi/upd.pl?blah" --> doesn't.

The error log says
[Wed May 20 02:46:06 1998 GMT] RefuseFileByMask: File with path 
'd:\cgi\upde.pl?blah' refused. Required filemask is 'EFD'. Reason: File 
does not exist. Response status set to '404'.
If I point my browser at /cgi/upd.pl?blah, it works fine....
I've only just started using pi3, so maybe there's something I'm 

Russell Sparkes
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Newcastle, Australia
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