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RE: DNS Server

Do you really want to use win95 for such services? I would STRONGLY   
suggest getting Win NT. It really is worth the extra expense if you are   
going to be running 7/24 Internet services like email and a web server.

From: 	Vertigo[SMTP:vertigo@vertigonet.ml.org]
Sent: 	Monday, May 18, 1998 8:31 PM
To: 	Pi3Web Mailing List; Will Vervair
Subject: 	DNS Server


could someone do me a huge favor?

i need to setup 2 dns servers (primary and secondary) but i can't get any   
dns server software up and running. but could someone help me by telling   
me where i can get a good dns server for win95 and also make the config   
files for me?

I just want the:
1.mail server to run under mail.vertigo.dynip.com
2.webserver to run under www.vertigo.dynip.com and vertigo.dynip.com
3.ftp server to run under ftp.vertigo.dynip.com and vertigo.dynip.com
4.and the server that i have to logon to to make the domain accessable is