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Re: Custom error handling

hagani@worldnet.att.net schrieb:
> Excellent product - keep up the good work, John.
> I'm having a hard time figuring out how I can use my own perl script
> to handle a 404 Not Found situation.
> Specifically, how should I modify the CONFIG.PI3 file so that instead
> of loading "/errors/404.ssi", my script "/cgi-bin/404.pl" is called?

I had a similar problem: How to generate the actual view of a dynamic HTML-
form from the script parsing the form data? I solved it with a HTML-Meta tag
to call the form generating script again:

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; URL=myscript.pl?param1&param2"> 

Pay attention to the position of the double quotes in this meta-tag.

If you put this in your 404-handling HTML-document it should call the
given script. You will see a blank page for a short time in your browser
when the 404-document is loaded and then at once the result of the
script execution if it produces dynamic HTML.

> I have mapped /cgi-bin/ successfully, but any change I seem to make to
> the Mapping MapToErrorDocument section causes the server to gag when I
> start it up (undefined directive ", or something similar to that).
^^^^ If you make it as I suggested leave the rest and it should work.

> Thanks a million!
> Jim

with regards

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