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Re: Problems

Adam Fast schrieb:
> OK.  I've got a working copy of Pi3 from Holger Zimmerman(thanks
> alot!).  And, I can have it running.  But, now, how do I use it to let
> people access my stuff that I want to put on the net?  I know I need to
> make the HTML and all that, but how do I know what address people will
> need to access the server?
^^^^ If your Internet Service Provider (ISP) gives you a dynamic
IP-address you must publish this address everytime you go online.
I make this with a program I wrote for Windows 95/NT
Download URL: http://home.t-online.de/home/zimpel@t-online.de/dialupen.zip

But you must have a small homepage on your ISP's server where you
install the link page to your personal web server (This is what the
program does automatic via FTP-transfer).
If your ISP gives you a fixed IP address the problem doesn't exist,
the people should browse to http://123.456.789.012, replace the numbers
by your IP-address. Besides you can register your own domain name (ask your
ISP for it) then people could see your side with http://your.domain.org.

Sorry, must go to work now.

> Adam Fast

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