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[subject changed to] Installation woes

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> (Speaking of Pi3Web, if anyone can help me, I've tried
> to install it about a dozen times, redownloading it each time, and every time
> as soon as it is done unzipping the files and it runs the installation
> program, I see a dialog for a fraction of a second, then the contents of the
> menu disappear and it is just solid gray.  I've tried dragging the window to
> uncover the dialog, but that does not work.  I'm running Win95 on a 486/50
> Packard Bell.  Anyone that can help, I would really appreciate it.  I've been
I've heard a number of reports of installation problems (files unzip,
installation runs, followed by some annoying screens). I've not
been able to reproduce the problem or guess its source. Anyone with more
information or ideas please let me know. 

> tying off and on for over two or three months to get this to work for me, and
> Linux is just to large to download and I don't want to have to buy it.  Also,
Linux is really hot. Take any opportunity to investigate it.

> I thought you guys might like to know that Pi3Web was listed in Windows
> Magazine June issue as one of the top 100 shareware. 
Very interesting Perhaps I should buy the magazine.


[more stuff deleted]