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hey there

Gavin here,

 Well I managed to get perl 5.(the latest) installed however I just can't
seem to get it to work at all, I've copied the right files to the right
places that i know of, All I've been trying to do is setup a simple
gestbook system, oh yeah, it's running on win95 at the moment not nt. I
think I'm about ready to give up in cgi completely, unless you're able to
copy a simple cgi programme into teh cgi bin etc.. instead of using scripts
like matt's guestbook which wont run, and I've tried chaning all the
physical and url and other portions of the .pl files and html files etc....

 If someone out there jsut happens to be learning to install perl and use
scripts I'd be over the moon for help.

Cheers! kiwi.

Programme Director
Classic Gold Radio
New Zealand.