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Re: CGi

CGI is independent from the programming language used to write the
CGI program in. Therefore any CGI enabled webserver (including
Pi3Web) will be ready to run CGI out of the box.

So you can run CGI command scripts (batch files), perl scripts, python
programs, php scripts, C/C++, pascal programs provided you get 
the appropriate compiler/interpreter.

This is a long way of saying you don't need perl to run CGI
programs in general but you do need it to run CGI programs
written in perl.

If you don't have perl think about getting the win32 perl
distribution from activestate.com, though I've recently looked
at the official 5.004_xx experimental releases from Larry Wall
et. al. and and am not so hot about the way activestate have 
done thier port (very Microsoft'ish, which isn't surprising
considering they produced perl-win32 under license to MS),
anyway I digress...

> ok I'm pretty advanced in netowrking etc.. and very upto scratc with
> computers, however! I'm a dumbie when it comes to perl, now, do I need to
> install perl whatever for in order for cgi to run in pi3 web?
> please let me know a.s.a.p direct mail kiwi_rock@classicgold.co.nz
> Programme Director
> Cals Gold Radio,
> 729am
> New Zealand