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offer: CGI scripts/look for: testers

Hi Pi3-users,

I've prepared some Perl scripts in agreement with John Roy
for the PI3Web server so they later could be packaged with
the server (text/graphic counter, access statistics, banners,
guestbook - some others more are planned).
If you want to help to finish the development send me a short
mail with the following contents:

- the environment within you use PI3Web (Personal, Intranet,
- the hardware/OS environment within your server operates
- What scripts you want to test

I've prepared my homepage for download the scripts:


If you have problems with HTTP download send me a mail and I
send you the ZIP's you ask me for.

Special note:
Please report any bugs/suggestions direct to my mail address
to keep clean the Pi3-users mailing list from that stuff.

Thanks a lot for your support! (I really need it 'cause I have
only one PC with one OS for tests at home).

With regards Holger "Zimpel" Zimmermann