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Re: CGI Problem

Michael Doyle schrieb:
> G'day
> I'm trying to set up Matt's Guestbook.
> All seems to work but Pi3Web returns the following :
> [Wed Apr 22 06:54:51 1998 GMT] CGI: Error reading response headers from CGI program.
> Start of command line is 'c:\perl\bin\perl.exe C:\PI3WEB\Cgi-Bin\guestbook.pl '.
> Michael Doyle
> Adelaide, South Australia
> APANA Member #2941


please check the settings at the begin of guestbook.pl:

$guestbookurl = "http://localhost/public_html/guestbook.html";
$guestbookreal =
$guestlog = "d:\\applics\\pi3\\webroot\\public_html\\guestlog.html";
$cgiurl = "http://localhost/cgi-bin/guestbook.pl";
$date_command = "/usr/bin/date";

The script works "plug and play" with the above settings in my
environment (just installed to check out your problem):

-PI3-Server running with host name "localhost"
-Pi3 Software installed in "d:\applics\pi3"
-HTML copied to "d:\applics\pi3\webroot\public_html"
-*.PL scripts in "d:\applics\pi3\cgi-bin"

Check it out, I think it's not a PI3-Server problem. Pay attention to
the double "\\" in DOS pathnames in Perl scripts (the first backslash
is in C-language style the sign to read the next "as is" and not as
a control character).

Hope this helps
Holger "Zimpel" Zimmermann