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Re: Formmail from matt script archive

from winerror.h:
// MessageText:
//  %1 is not a valid Windows NT application.
#define ERROR_BAD_EXE_FORMAT             193L

so it looks like NT does not like your version of formmail.exe, perhaps
there was a problem download it?, it any case you should be able to invoke
the program from the command line, i.e.

	DOS> formmail.exe
	Content-Type: text/html


It won't emulate the behaviour of the web server directly (becuase
environment variables will not be set the same). But if NT complains
at this point that it can't execute the file, the problem is not
the web server but formmail.exe - try this.

Hope this helps,

> Hi,
>  I am new with pi3web and do not know much about cgi-scripts. I just
> downloaded formmail from matts script archive and am having problems
> setting it up. It keep giving me the following error 500 Internal Server
> Error
> The server encountered an internal error while processing this request.
> The following error messages were logged during this request:
> [Wed Apr 08 22:49:04 1998 GMT] CGI: error executing CGI program system
> specific error code is '193'.
> [Wed Apr 08 22:49:04 1998 GMT] CGI: DoExecCGIChild() failed. Error code
> is 193. Start of command line is 'C:\PI3WEB\Cgi-Bin\formmail.exe '.
> Contact the site administrator webmaster@
> Does anyone have any experience in this script? Does anyone know what
> the error means?  Thanks you
> Mike Camino