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How to set your domain adress

First of all, you should notice that if you open the Pi3 windows from the taskbar, you will see that it tells you were your sever is running. mine say http://localhost  because i am using my computer as the server when im online only. Now, since you have a dedicated web server, you want to set the domain name. You should open your C:\windows directory and find the file that is called hosts. This file will have no association and have the windows icon. Right click on it and choose open, and select wordpad. Before pressing ok, make sure the "always use this program to open this file type" box IS NOT CHECKED! you do not want to associate this file.
you should now enter the DNS Adress (like for your server, followed by a space, and then the domain name. It should be in the form of either <yourdomain>.com .net .org   whatever yours is or www.<yourdomain>.com .org .net   I'm not sure which way it should be done, but i believe it is www for it.  You do not need to specofy http:// the server already knows this. For further help contact me...and if Im completly wrong let me know.
                                                                                                        Chris Abramson
                                                                                                Wierdo@worldnet.att.net (Default)