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Re: Question: how can I execute ISAPI using Pi3Web?

José Francisco Colom López schrieb:
> Hi,
>    I am trying to make a web-based application on a PC using
> Pi3Web as www server.
>    I want to use an ISAPI executable (*.dll), but I don´t know
> how my html code has to reference the dll file. For example, I have
> tried something like this:
>  <FORM ACTION=file.dll?parameters...
> but it doesn´t work.
>   How can I reference dll files, How should I set up the directory
> aliases?
>   Please, help me
>   Thanks you in advance.
>              José Francisco Colom López
>              e-mail: jcolom@star.dtic.ua.es


Sorry, I didn't made any experiences with isapi but in the 
documents of PI3 you can find an example (if you are using V 1.02)
Browse to the URL


when your PI3 server is running and you see the ISAPI example.
There is a link to the source of the tstisapi.dll near the example

If you look at the example's link you will find an URL:

You see that you can use ISAPI calls with a similar syntax like
CGI scripts. I think, if you are using HTML forms your form should call
ISAPI in the way: <form action="/isapi/myisapi.dll" method="get">

The form method "get" means, the form data you want to submit could be
found in the environment variable QUERY_STRING.
The form method "post" means, the form data you want to submit could be
found in the stdin input device and the length of the data you can find
in the environment variable CONTENT_LENGTH.
These things I know from CGI and I think its similar in ISAPI but I
never tried it out.

with regards
Holger Zimmermann