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dialup tool

Hi, friends

I've coded some Delphi3 stuff to solve some things around
my local PI3 web server:

- dialup network connection
- execution of programms after connection (proxy server,
  PI3 server, e-mail tools etc.). Programms could also
  be executed(terminated) before shut down connection.
- parse text files, replace tokens with dynamic IP-address
  and upload these or other files via FTP-transfer
  to the homepage server. (So your local pi3 server could
  be accessed by other people from your homepage if your ISP
  gives you a dynamic IP address)
- synchronize your local clock with a SNTP server timestamp
  if you are connected (Time servers you will find under
- ping/traceroute for routing diagnostics
- accumulation of connections and online time
This is an early version and I would be glad about some reports
(experiences, bugs, suggestions).

download URL:

With regards
Holger Zimmermann