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And it works?, I tried to play with this problem on friday but my computer 
battery ran out... 

This is the heavy approach of making a whole new mapping for php3 files
- I think I'd like to find some way to make this easier to setup, add 
something to the admin GUI.

Anyhow I also though of just kicking off the php3 for files with
extension .php or something (CommandLineByExt), but the furtherist I got
was some error about no input...

About step 13 - I have no idea, I you found that you had to comment
out all 6 lines I'm thinking its a problem with the size of the 
environment block?


> Hahaha.  Sorry, that was one hairy problem.
> Oh, John or someone, perhaps you can explain why step 13 is necessary.  I
> had to test each one, until I found the bare number of lines to rem out.
> Here's how to install and use php3 with pi3web.
> Open up the config.pi3 or whichever file you are using
> 1) Find the "Handlers" line in the "HTTPDispatcherClass" Object.  I hope
> you only have one
> 2) In that line add "PHP3Scripts".  I added it right after "Scripts"  But
> anywhere is pretty much okay.
> 3)Now find the Object w/ Name "Scripts" and Class
> "FlexibleClassHandlerClass".  Make a copy of everything between "<Object>"
> and "</Object>"
> 4)Change the Name line from "Scripts" to "PHP3Scripts"
> 5)The third line is something like:
> Condition "&cmp(&dblookup(response,string,ObjectMap),Scripts)"
> At the very end, change it to "PHP3Scripts" instead of "Scripts"
> 6)The last line is something like:
> Handle StandardCGI
> Change that to say
> Handle PHP3CGI
> 7)Locate the Object w/ Name "StandardCGI" and Class "CGIClass"
> 8)Make a copy of everything between "<Object>" and "</Object>"
> 9)Change the Name line from "StandardCGI" to "PHP3CGI"
> 10)Change the DefaultCommand Line to:
> 	DefaultCommandLine "m:/php3/php.exe %p%q"
> Replacing "m:/php3/" with whereever your php3 is located.
> 11)Erase all CommandLineByExt lines.
> 12)Add the following line in their place:
> 	CommandLineByExt .php3="m:/php3/php.exe %p%q"
> 13)Now, there's a series of Variable lines.  Put a "#" in front of these
> lines:
> #	Variable "GATEWAY_INTERFACE=CGI/1.1"
> #	Variable "PATH_TRANSLATED=$Z"
> #	Variable "REQUEST_METHOD=$m"
> #	Variable "SERVER_NAME=$v"
> #	Variable "SERVER_SOFTWARE=$S"
> 14)Now go find the following line
> Mapping FCGIMapper From="/cgi-fcgi/" To="p:\web\m31\cgi-fcgi\"
> and the following line, replacing the directories with what you want.
> Mapping PHP3Mapper From="/cgi-php3/" To="p:\web\m31\cgi-php3\" 
> Wow.  Just restart the server, and you are done.
> If you are recieving a message about unable to parse the ini file, take the
> php3.ini-dist file and copy it as php3.ini into your windows directory.