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Pi3 Users List Charter

Charter for Pi3 Users Listserver Group (pi3-users@johnroy.com)

This mailing list is intended for discussion of topics 
relevant to the development on and use of the Pi3 suite of
components including the Pi3Web Webserver. 

Submissions to this list should be e-mailed to
pi3-users@johnroy.com, by default replies to postings will
go to the original poster only (i.e, not the entire list).

This list is archived and the archive published periodically
on the internet at http://www.johnroy.com/pi3/support/. 

This list is unmoderated, all submissions are published 
directly without prior review by the list manager. Please
note the following points:

 - As with any public internet forum, use good 'netiquette',
in particular
	- Don't spam
	- Avoid long postings - some people pay by the byte
	- Don't be rude, avoid excessive foul lanaguage

 - In addition, this group is not an appropriate forum to 
wage the ages old war of words between MS-Windows and UNIX.

List Manager
The list manager is listmanager@johnroy.com

Unsubscribing From List
You can be unsubscribed automatically by sending an e-mail
message to pi3-users-request@johnroy.com with just the word
'remove' in the body (omit subject line and signature). The
list management software sometimes has problems with subject
lines, signatures and certain character sets. E-mail the 
list manager (listmanager@johnroy.com) directly if you 
encounter a problem unsubscribing from the list.