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Re: lame pie-3 web crap

At 02:51 AM 3/13/98, Robert Davidson wrote:
>How do I get off this stupid mailing list??
>Linux is pretty good for WWW Serving and FTP Serving, Telnetting, etc, why
>get a REAL server, not some lame piece of shit Windows 95 or NT crap.

First, I'll agree that Unix, not just linux is good solid platform for
acting as a server, hell it is good for any network situation.  My school,
MIT, uses only UNIX for all our computer clusters.

But you're rudeness, implies that everyone can run a dedicated server, or
that Linux has somewhere close to the wide range of popular software.  MIT
even has to do our own ports, because software vendors don't bother porting
it to unix.

Emacs and Latex does not equal Microsoft Word.
Xmh does not equal Eudora Pro, my friend.