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RE: Congratulations

I would have to agree! It fits my use wonderfully. I use it for a small web 
site within our organization on our intranet. It has been going so well that 
we poked a hole in the firewall so the rest of the world can access it, 
mostly sharing files with vendors.

From: Ang-Chih Kao
To: John P Roy; pi3-users@johnroy.com; Will Vervair
Subject: Congratulations
Date: Wednesday, March 11, 1998 8:42PM

Let's all congratulate John P Roy for writing such an awesome web server.
Who cares about Apache and their Win32 ports.

Hey, how about writing a RFC for this.


>Pi3Web was initially developed as a quality open-source based web
>server that was highly flexible and configurable. It was built to be
>a true cross platform high end web server solution at a time when
>the Apache server was a very UNIX centric server. Initially released
>as version 0.9b1 in September 1997, its release has been low key as
>bugs and issues were resolved.