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Happy New Year and Logfiles

Hi Folks,
I'd like first of all to wish everyone a very happy new year, I
have a good feeling about 1998.

I've just finished my ritual monthly review of netcraft
statistics to see who's using this server and for what and I
found a site I sort of liked - www.southwind.org, what 
particularly caught my eye was the page statistics reports - they
were generated from logfiles using a tool from www.marketwave.com,
I thought the report and output looks really impressive.

A couple of the report statistics were missing though, the
report engine said this was because certain fields
(referrer and user-agent) were not in the server logfiles.
The Pi3Web server has a very flexible server logfile
generation mechanism, and you can get it to do pretty
much anything - the admin GUI is really just a shorthand for
the most frequently configured options - a lot more
can be achieved by modifying the file Conf\Config.pi3 - 
its possible to add many more types of logfiles so they
can be selected in the type pulldown in the admin Logging page.

The default logfile formats are the standard CERN/NCSA ones,
if anyone is using one of these log reporting tools and wants
to know how to generate a logfile for that tool, then please
post the format you'd like and I'll give step-by-step (just
a few steps) on how to get that format.

Also any other questions on optional logfiles, logging seperate
virtual servers to seperate logfiles, logging only certain events,
clients, or at certain times, ask and ye shall be answered.

Again, happy new year

And speaking of logfiles and new years here's the dawn of the new year
as recorded in the logfiles of my new york based website: - - [31/Dec/1997:23:58:16 -0500] "GET /icons/binary.gif HTTP/1.0"
200 246
ip110.mountain-view.ca.pub-ip.psi.net - - [01/Jan/1998:00:01:32 -0500] "GET /rob
ots.txt HTTP/1.1" 200 39