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Re: Perl Problems

> Thanks John,
> I did not know this list was so new. Anyway here is the question.
> I am trying to get some perl scripts from Matt's Script Archive 
> <http://worldwidemart.com/scripts/> to work. The script that I am working on 
> is the web message board. I had modified it to work on a win95 webserver 
> (fnord) and it worked fine. I am getting this error when I try to test it.
> CGI: error DoExecCGIChild() failed. Error code is 2. Start of command line 
> is 'perl c:\cgi-bin\acboard.pl'
2 means 'file not found' at some point I'll use FormaMessage() to 
get the text for windows errors. In this case it means the perl
interpreter was not found. You have three options to fix this:

	1) make sure the path to Perl.exe is in the PATH environment
	variable. A good way to test this is to invoke the bundled
	viewenv.exe program. If you bring up a dos box and type
	'perl c:\cgi-bin\acboard.pl' this emulates what the server does
	(note this is different from 'c:\cgi-bin\acboard.pl' which makes
	windows use the .pl to find the appropriate program).

	2) Open the file Conf\Config.pi3 and go down to the section
		Name StandardCGI
	Theres a bunch of options there to customize exactly how CGI's
	are started. Find the line
		CommandLineByExt .pl="perl %p%q"
	Remove this line, save the file, stop and start the server to cause
	Pi3 to start CGI's with .pl extensions like all others allowing
	windows to figure out how to exec file script using its associations,
	lots of web servers do this.

	3) Explicity point to your perl interpreter, same as above but
		CommandLineByExt .pl="perl %p%q"
		CommandLineByExt .pl="c:\\perl\\bin\\perl.exe %p%q"
	Where 'c:\perl\bin\perl.exe' is the full path to your perl interpreter

Hope this helps,
> That is the correct path to my CGI dir and the script. When I run acboard.pl 
> from the command line it works just as it should so I don't think it is in 
> the script.
> Any ideas??
>  --
> Will Vervair
> will.vervair@lawson.com