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Perl Problems

Thanks John,
I did not know this list was so new. Anyway here is the question.

I am trying to get some perl scripts from Matt's Script Archive 
<http://worldwidemart.com/scripts/> to work. The script that I am working on 
is the web message board. I had modified it to work on a win95 webserver 
(fnord) and it worked fine. I am getting this error when I try to test it.

CGI: error DoExecCGIChild() failed. Error code is 2. Start of command line 
is 'perl c:\cgi-bin\acboard.pl'

That is the correct path to my CGI dir and the script. When I run acboard.pl 
from the command line it works just as it should so I don't think it is in 
the script.

Any ideas??

Will Vervair