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2. ColdFusion

2.1 Preferences

Allaires ColdFusion, I actually tested with CF Express 4.5, uses like ASP an ISAPI extension interface to talk with the webserver. However ColdFusion is more an application server than a script engine.

The feature to run ColdFusion is available with Pi3Web 1.03 and 2.00. For both releases a package is available in the download area at sourceforge.

2.2 Step by step advise

In order to install ColdFusion support for Pi3Web follow these steps:

  1. First download ColdFusion Express 4.5 from Allaires website. Then start the setup.
    1. You will be asked for which webserver you want to install CF. Select "Other".
    2. You will be asked for the document root of your web server. Select within your Pi3Web installation directory the path to .\WebRoot.
  2. Now configure Pi3Web to map all URL's ending with '.cfm' to the ColdFusion ISAPI handler. Add the following path mapping to the existing "Start" handler and then the appropriate new "CFMapper" object in the Config.pi3 or whatever configuration file you have:
            Name Start
            Mapping Condition="&or(&regexp('*.cfm',$U),&regexp('*.cfm',$f))" CFMapper From="/" To="WebRoot\"
            Name CFMapper
            Class PathMapperClass
            PathInfo "No"
            Action "&dbreplace(response,string,ObjectMap,ISAPI)"
            Action "&dbreplace(response,string,PathInfo,&dblookup(response,string,ScriptName))"
            Action "&dbreplace(response,string,PathTranslated,&dblookup(response,string,Path))"
            Action "&dbreplace(response,string,Path,\\programme\\cfusion\\bin\\iscf.dll)"

The regular expressions in the above mapping allow

If you use a simple directory based mapping, as used for CGI or ISAPI you may

2.3 Important Notes

I had to switch off my administrator password to work with CF, which could be set with the follwoing registry key:


But I didn't investigate this further.

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