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1. ASP

1.1 Preferences

ASP 1.0, the one that came with IIS 3.0 is an ISAPI extension. Pi3Web is an ISAPI 2.0 compliant web server, capable of running both ISAPI filters and extensions. Like ASP, the same way Pi3Web is capable of running other ISAPI based scripting programs like Cold Fusion or iHTML, but the last one wasn't tested yet.

The feature to run ASP 1.0 is available with Pi3Web 1.03 and 2.00. For both releases a package is available in the download area at sourceforge.

1.2 Step by step advise

In order to install ASP support for Pi3Web follow these steps:

  1. You must first install IIS 2.0 or 3.0. You will never have to start IIS, but the components need to be present. You can find the setup program for IIS 2.O on the NT installations disk in the i386\inetsrv directory. PWS 1.0 on Windows 95/98 works also.
  2. Then install the ASP support from Microsoft. The installer is a 9 MB file called ASP.exe. After you run ASP.exe you will have IIS 3.0. You can find ASP.exe on the FrontPage 97 CD, the Service Pack 3 CD or at several FTP locations.
  3. Now configure Pi3Web to map all URL's ending with '.asp' to the ASP handler. Add the following path mapping to the existing "Start" handler and then the appropriate new "ASPMapper" object in the Config.pi3 or whatever configuration file you have:
            Name Start
            Mapping Condition="&or(&regexp('*.asp',$U),&regexp('*.asp',$f))" ASPMapper From="/" To="WebRoot\"
            Name ASPMapper
            Class PathMapperClass
            PathInfo "No"
            Action "&dbreplace(response,string,ObjectMap,ISAPI)"
            Action "&dbreplace(response,string,PathInfo,&dblookup(response,string,ScriptName))"
            Action "&dbreplace(response,string,PathTranslated,&dblookup(response,string,Path))"
            Action "&dbreplace(response,string,Path,..\\ISAPI\\asp.dll)"

The regular expressions in the above mapping allow

If you use a simple directory based mapping, as used for CGI or ISAPI you may

1.3 Important Notes

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