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This directory contains documentation for loadable server handlers in HTML form. These handlers classes are instantiated into handler objects according to the configuration files.


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Fcgi.html 3K 04-Jun-01 04:52 Pi3Web plugin for Fast CGI.
HTTP.html 64K 04-Jun-01 04:52 HTTP server handler classes.
IO.html 10K 04-Jun-01 04:52 IO or Protocol loadable server classes.
ISAPI.html 10K 04-Jun-01 04:52 ISAPI 2.0 extension handler.
ISAPIFLT.html 10K 04-Jun-01 04:52 ISAPI 2.0 filter handler.
Pi3API.html 13K 04-Jun-01 04:52 Core Internet loadable classes.
Pi3Objects.html 21K 04-Jun-01 04:52 Pi3Web extension classes.
PHP4Wrapper.html 10K 04-Jun-01 04:52 PHP4 wrapper to run PHP scripts as server module.
Plugins.html 7K 04-Jun-01 04:52 Pi3Web plugins from example source code.
Server.html 10K 04-Jun-01 04:52 Server components, daemon code, thread pool objects.
SSL.html 10K 04-Jun-01 04:52 SSLv3 IO transort layer based on openssl 0.96.