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Re: PI3WEB Internal Program Problem

Brian Loss schrieb:
>               Happy New Year to All PI3 Users!
>               --------------------------------
> This is no big problem, I have a laptop which I run pi3 on, every time I
> put it on suspend and then turn it back on, PI3's opperation stops. So,
> I restart the server, then it works again. Is there any way to avoid
> having to restart the server everytime I awake the computer from the
> suspended state? (All of the daemon servers I ran before PI3 did the
> same thing, why?)
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Hi Brian, happy new year too,

I also found this problem after trying suspend mode with my Win95 machine.
(Will check it with NT next week).
For bug reports or suggestions you could use the Pi3Web ToDo-list
(http://www.johnroy.com/pi3/support/). This tool was created to have a
better bug tracking for the developers.

with regards

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