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Re: Perl / CGI

It's one of 2 things that can be corrected
1.) your missing this statement - print "Content-type: text/html";
2.) pi3 is not setup to run cgi (this can be corrected, I have the info 
to fix it.)

>Greetings all! Happy Holidays..;-)
>Ok I have been using Pi3 for about three months I have never done =
>anything other than let the server run. LOL I am running Pi3Web on a =
>Windows 98 machine. So now I am wanting to run CGI stuff. I installed =
>Perl for Win32 and all seems fine I can test the CGI scripts at the =
>command line by typing (perl script.pl). When I try to run the script =
>from the browser I am getting "ERROR reading response headers from cgi 
>program" Start of command line is perl C:\pi3web\cgi-bin\my.script.pl"   
>With CGI the first line is usualy # ! usr/local/bin/perl or what ever, 
>my question is under the WIN 32 environment what should that line read? 
>Is this the cause of the error I am getting? I will not be getting very 
>complex I just want to run some simple scripts. One more thing when =
>specifing the absolute and relative paths in some scripts, what should 
>they be using pi3web.
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