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Re: Question about Search Sites

I think all you need to do is add a META TAG KEYWORD line to your HTML, the
Web Spiders will pick up on that. It takes about 2-3 weeks for the search
engines to start actualy showing your URL when a search is done....

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From: Brian Loss <h14me@hotmail.com>
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Date: Friday, December 18, 1998 2:18 PM
Subject: Question about Search Sites

>Hello Pi3Users, and Happy Holidays!,
>Does anyone know how to get a search website to recognize my website for
>For example: someone at a search site, like yahoo.com, types something
>that is included on my website. Then yahoo.com returns the page (link)
>that it was refered to. Right now this does not work. Any ideas?
>PS - Can anyone please answer my question about .ASP files?
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